Cap D’Agde firs time advise

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Cap D’Agde firs time advise
Hi everyone.
Does anyone has been to Cap d’agde as a single Herero men? I would like to visit this place for some sexy experiences but I am not very sure to understand how it works over there. It seems that there is something like a commune and you are supposed to get a permission to be in the commune so you can participate in the parties. Am I right? Any advises?
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First - I think it is a bad idea to go alone as single hetero guy. The whole scene there is designed for couples, accommodation/hotels, clubs, sauna & party events like pool parties and foam parties. BUT if you are suave and good communicator you will spot couples and the odd single lady looking for a *date*

Regarding commune - you pay to enter the village every day if you stay outside but if you can get a place inside then all good. Also it is very expensive … food, drinks, hotels etc! However for every swinger it is the “Mecca” and recommended worth a lifetime visit…I been there 3 times and always with a lady date or group with couples. Best times to go is July & August any other time fewer people and fewer fun and the sun not the warmest
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Bad investment, save the aggravation.

Boring dated place as it is even more it will surely be if going solo,
I went at the summer hype with a couple ( we are age in the 30s)
initialy had booked for 1 week but we ended up leaving after 2 days and that was long too.
shopping as fetish clothings super pricey,
they will try charging you where possible for the sake of just why not !

More like avoid even going, its nothing like they make it to be.

Rather for real experience Try / save your money for Hedonism II Resort in Jamica *g*
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Hi guys, and thanks for the advise.
Do you think this negative review you give to the site would change if you speak French? I am just surprised if the bad note you give to the place while another couple is texting me direct telling me is very good but I’m too late for the booking of a good place. So it makes me wonder.
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We have been going there for around 10 years each year and the only negative review I have ever had or seen is the one above. It is really a heaven for people who enjoy sex and sexy spirit of life.

I never came as a single male and I did hear some complaints from men but I think it is basically about the attitude. If you are generally negative and see negative sides of life, you might find lots of things not being ideal there. If you are a smiling postive man, you will certainly find lots of friends and sex partners if you want. You do not even have to visit clubs - just stroll through the baconies of Port Natura in the evening!

We never said a single word of French but we ALWAYS, each year, come back home with great contacts of people with whom we became very close friends.

It is also not so expensive as you can choose how much money to spend - there are lots of options. It true that buying sexy clothes there makes no sense because they do tend to be overprices but we always came with lots of our own and it has not been an issue.

We know some single men who came for 20 years and they never paid for a club entrance! They find partners on the beach or just walking around the area and they have sex each day. We also know men who pay entrance fee as single male to Tantra and have sex with 10-15 ladies each night.

There are lots of reviews around. It is the hottest and creaziest place on Earth.
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Agree *100* with MrMsSex
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