Which swinger club in Vienna?

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Which swinger club in Vienna?
Hi Beautiful people, which swinger club in Vienna would you recommend for a mid 40's (we look a lot younger hehe) couple looking for an only couple's party?
*****e91 Man
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I went to a great one in Vienna but I’m not a couple so maybe you’re not interested
*********ndra Woman
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SOHO Graz is much better. It’s the most sophisticated Club Austria has 😌
*******cki Couple
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Also have a look at Links for members only
**********lorer Man
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Der Tempel is a nice, intimate little club. When I visit Wien, I always enjoy an evening there, even if it turns out there is only drinking and chatting (for a single English guy, this is often the case!!) They also do couples only evenings (every Sat since covid - I think). Maybe one visit I will find a partner to experience this. The owner there is a fine guy .. smart, speaks English and very welcoming *top*
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