Paris swinger clubs

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Paris swinger clubs
Any recommendation to visit clubs in Paris? Never been in Paris clubs.
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There are over 20, mostly inside and some around the city
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we liked Les Chandelles and the WE
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We went to the "le mask", the staff are absolutely lovely, the barman remembers your name and even make recommendations on drinks you might like if you can't work it out.

There are three play areas, upstairs behind the bar is an bit like an lounge with lots of seating, downstairs you have an dance floor with dj an room left and right (the right one is split into 3 rooms, this one seemed more hard-core than the other) we found it an bit full on the night we went there, but towards the end of the night it wasnt too bad.

Upstairs near the bar you have finger foods (nuts and sweets) if you get peckish.
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Also have a look at Links for members only
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