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Picture this 2 of 4:

This time I am not waiting in your home, I am knocking at your door.
You answer being pleasantly surprised it’s me and I may even come in.
We smile, we hug, kiss, and start talking about stuff. You tell me something about your day, I listen, and you keep talking about something going on with your friend.
I lean towards you asking, “Maybe it’s because you’ve been a bad girl?”
You listen up and look at me, waiting for me to deliver another punch line and unveil it’s all a joke. I just smile and keep calm. “Have you?” I ask again.
“I’ve been good”, you enter the game.
“I don’t believe you”
“I have, I swear”, you are reassuring me.
I toss a pillow to your feet, “kneel and we’ll find out”
You obey.
“What do good girls do?”, I ask, “I want to know”
“Good girls follow orders”, you reply.
“Good. Here is your first order: Clap one time”, I tell you.
You clap.
“Very good, do it again”
Another clap.
“Don’t talk unless I explicitly tell you to”, I order.
You keep your lips shut.
“Lose that jacket”
You still have your top on
“And the bra as well”
While you follow my orders as a good girl, your nipple seem to try to tear a hole in your top.
I like it, I level with you and play with them a little bit.
From your nipples my hands and fingers discover your body, while you are still kneeling. “Close your eyes”, I tell you while my fingertip touches your upper lip follow the lip-line to your cheekbones, to your forehead. My hand combs through your curly red hear, caress your eyebrows, and admire the curvature of your nose just by touching it just slightly. I hold your head in both of my hands and kiss you softly.
After the kiss I tell you to open your mouth “and keep it open while your eyes are closed”, I insist.
I take out my dick and limp as it is I put it into your mouth.
“Go for it…” and you immediately start sucking, “…but no hands”
You cross your hands behind your back while you rocking back and forward.
“Good girl.”
My dick is getting harder, you can feel it in your mouth.
“What do you want?” I ask you
“Ouuu” you answer with your mouth full.
“That’s what you’ll get”
And I take your head into my hands and start fucking your mouth.
My dick is getting even bigger, your eyes become watery as my tip is tickling your throat.
Your saliva is really flowing, long lines of saliva dripping from my dick and your mouth while I take it out to give you time to breath before keep going to gently mouthfuck you.
“You are right, you’ve been a good girl and good girls get rewards”
I help you up and gently ley you down on your back on your bed. While opening your legs I can see how wet you are, your moisture is almost dripping mixed with the saliva which ran down between your tits and along your belly. I open your leg and enjoy those puffy, sweet, pinky lips of yours, burry my tongue in your fruitfulness and lick you really good. For every stroke of my tongue, I use my whole head for a good motion from the one side of your wet vagina all the way up to the clit. Not too fast, neither too slow. I’m really enjoying all the way. I take both of your legs and bend them so I can exploit the whole range of motion while licking. As you are on the edge of you bed, I even see your lovely butthole, which I lick as well. You feel it as ticklish and wired but you allow it.
The first tongue strokes along your ass are a little reserved but as soon as I realize it pleases you I burry my tongue into your ass while me face seems to be glued between your cheeks all while stimulating your clit with one of my fingers.
It strikes your taste. Although you don’t reach an orgasm yet, you enjoy it a lot.

Using my tongue I wander upwards kissing your pubic eminence, even further passing by your belly button, greeting your tits and nipples at length, nibbling your neck and finally join our tongues together in a wet kiss. The kiss evolves into kissing and penetration without effort. We are both so wet, so ready that it happened without further ado.
In this great mix of wetness, saliva and sweat I somehow manage to get a foot on the ground, then the other and while embracing you. I pick you up and standing you have my dick inside you. I carry you while your arms are around my neck, inseparable standing on two feet while being joined by our genitals. I hold you tight while thrusting myself into you, you love this sensation of being taken care of, of flying while being grounded of being lifted and fucked. Then I change my grip not moving myself but using my strength to help you do the movement, you are in the air and fucking me. It’s great, it’s wild and after a while it’s exhausting.
With you in my arms I lay on the bed the way that you are now on top. It’s your turn now. Although I am still heavily breathing you are already moving up and down hitting just that spot you like so much. While this is happening I burry my face between your tits, suck on your nipples and spank your ass a bit, loving every movement of yours.
After being completely and uttermost aroused I press you on me, hold you tight to pause for a brief instant to not cum to early. Then with bended knees I do the fucking myself while tell you “Go for it!”
And you do. You know how you want it. You know how you like it, and you are going for it.
With heavy, steady movements you ride towards your pleasure, with every up and every down you get a little closer and a little close and even closer till…
… you burst into a ball of scream, orgasm, and pleasure.
I take over, still underneath you I’m continuing with those heavy, steady movements to completely tip you over into ecstasies. You feel like your head explodes while your inner organs dance in joy. Crushing down on me your ride comes to an end. I hold you.
“You’ve been a really good girl”, I must admit.
After a while of just lying there I continue: “I have something for you”
Without separation I pick you up once more for a brief moment to detonate the lust still withholding inside of me and for those last hot pleasure-movements you put you back down on the bed just to pull out and cum all over your belly and tits.
Redheaded, hot, sweaty and tired we grin at each other – for this time a paper towel wouldn’t be enough. So, I hug you tightly and kiss you smearing that cum all over us. Between kiss, laughter, and more kisses we agree to go hit the shower.
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