What’s YOUR relationship orientation?

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What’s YOUR relationship orientation?
In our society, monogamy is still the standard way to handle your relationships, almost like a default setting. Exclusivity is often seen as the ultimate proof of love, because how could you let your sweetie be with someone else if you REALLY loved them?!

It’s time to open your mind and discover the whole wide world of multiple relationship orientations! In our current magazine article we explain exactly what that means and introduce you to a variety of relationship types. So if you’re still a bit clueless, head over there!

What we’re interested in now is: what do YOU think about different relationship orientations? Is monogamy still the gold standard for you, have you been in non-monogamous relationships before, what role does jealousy play in your relationship and why do you think some relationship types are still not fully accepted?

We’re excited to read what you have to say! *freu*
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It's still new, but polyamory has worked out well for us so far
*****ayy Man
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I do understand polyamory aspect but I also do understand exclusive monogamy relationship.
I don't think it's countering each others or monogamy should change themselves to polyamory tho.

In the end, I personally believe the relationship, the meaning of relationship is it's not about multiple partners or solo partners, it's not about numbers of partners. it's all about trust values. how deep can you trust your partners. not judge or standard by only Sexual values.

How partners can be open to each others, trust each others, care for each others.
IF you have one single partner who loves you, trust you deep then it's good healthy relationship.
IF you have multiple partners who loves you, trust you deep then it's also good healthy reltionships.
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I absolutely agree with alt_jayy
****u81 Man
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Amen! Logically, why does it matter what either partner is doing when apart, as long as communication is open and respectful between all
*******ntly Man
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As long as everyone is happy and Fab-
Being Fab and James gently makes me and you smile
****ko1 Man
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It’s already over ?
*****bi1 Couple
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After various combinations which challenged us and our relationship we decided that "Non-exclusive sexual relationships" would be the type we both feel confortbile with. Keeping the sentimental connection with one partener only, and let ourselves the possibility to explore, try, play together or separately is the most honest act between 2 free souls which decided to follow the same path and direction.
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Thank you for the insights to how you like to live your relationships! *smile*

I think you guys summed it up really well, there is definitely not only one way to live a good and healthy relationship. In the end, it should be all about how you and your partner feel and whether you are happy or not. Communication is in fact key here *zwinker*
And share your dreams wishes and fantasies with everyone sexually attracted to you.
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I’m open to a range of relationship options – depending on who the other person is, what our chemistry is like, and what else is going on in my life at the time. The only things I am 100% not open to are BS drama and being treated like crap.
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I like nice talks, open and sweet love moments
******utt Man
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After coming out of an 18-year marriage. I can only imagine a relaxed open relationship. Intimacy, honesty and openness are a must. I think in any relationship, we have to be able to go on adventures together and help each other learn about one's self. But I can't imagine having another "traditional" relationship.
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Although monogamy still is a relationship i would wish to end with, but i think polygamy is a way to have relationship in deeper level, but how and in which extent we can make a comfortable relationship is a question , because i could not still imagine dealing with few partners of my partners😂
And at the same time health wise it is really critical how we gonna pass through all those STDs!
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