Breast Worship

A tutorial by Divine Theratrix

If you enjoy your breasts being touched, how about asking your partner to spend a good amount of time pleasuring only your breasts? You might be amazed at how much intensity can be built up. Show your lover Divine Theratrix' video to give them inspiration for taking breast play to the level of worship.

By Lara / Divine Theratrix

Get ready for worship!

Do you want to find out how much pleasure can be created just from breast play? In this video, Divine Theratrix tells you about:

  • breast orgasm
  • how to make breast play a one-way touch ritual
  • how to use different kinds of touch
  • the importance of trust and relaxation

Watch out - explicit content!

Breast Worship

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Regarding breast worship, Divine Theratrix says:

"If you are willing to give any one part of your lover's body your devoted attention, without any expectation of them reciprocating touch, you turn it into a form of worship and massively heighten their pleasure. If your partner likes their breasts being touched, you should definitely offer them a breast worship session. In this video you get to watch a wonderful demonstration by Seth who was offering breast worship for the first time, which really had Belle out of breath and writhing in pleasure!"

About the author

Professional kinkster + therapist empowering humans of all genders to explore, play and heal. At my east London adult playspace I help people access their authentic desires and gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance and freedom through one-on-one sessions and group workshops on kink, BDSM, animal play + more. As a sex-positive educator, coach and media spokesperson, I’m available for festival, event and workshop bookings. I also advise kink events and venues on ethics, safety and compliance and support the sex worker community as a practising lawyer.

Instagram: @DivineTheratrix
Twitter: @DivineTheratrix
Joyclub profile: divine_theatrix

Have you ever given that much attention to your own or your partner's breasts? Or have you maybe neglected that part of the body a little so far? We hope this article inspired you to pay a little more attention to this erogenous zone next time you get frisky, or even just during solo sex!

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