Five mood killers when eating pussy

Dear men (and women), NEVER do this during cunnilingus!

Being eaten out is heavenly and sometimes the most effective way to get her blood boiling – provided that the oral treat is spiced with devotion and a certain tongue technique. If these two ingredients are missing, oral sex becomes bland for both partners. Today we show you where you can go wrong during cunnilingus and how to do better.

From Condwiramurs | 04.03.2019

The 5 mood killers at a glance

Mood killer #1: You suddenly stop

She's sinking into her little world of ecstasy while you’re eating her out. Stroke after stroke, she is approaching the climax – but suddenly it's over. What happened? You've stopped!? Why? Only the devil knows.

How to do better:

Provided she’s not counting the pieces of woodchip on the wall while you're at it: Never suddenly stop only because you think, for example

  • that she doesn’t like it just because she’s giving you no feedback
  • that the perfect moment for sex has come.

NEVER! Some women prefer to enjoy in a silent way, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by that. Instead, pay attention to the small signs. You could also ask if she likes what you are doing. And please, just keep going!
And as for sex: If you treat your lady to this first round, it will just be nicer for both of you during round two!

Insider tip: Press your tongue on her clit during her climax and continue licking. Only stop when she says so. This will make her orgasm much more intense and longer.


Mood killer #2: You only eat her pussy because you think you have to

Licking for you means doing her a favour or is a compulsory exercise à la: "If I want a blowjob or to get her in the mood, I MUST do it." That's a pure pleasure killer!

How to do better:

A lady notices whether a (wo-)man likes to get lost in the taste and smell of her vagina. Or whether they only do it because it is (supposedly) expected of them. You should really love to eat her pussy with full devotion and attention and also show and tell her that. If you're keen on it, she'll be keen too. If you don't like doing it: Find other ways to pleasure her.

Mood killer #3: Changing things up while it was just right

Under the artful movements of your tongue, she starts moaning, twitching, slowly circling her hips or tightening her thighs: These are all signals that she likes what you are doing very much and that she is on the verge of climax. Some men, however, tend to suddenly shift up five gears or change their technique completely in such moments. Don't do that.

How to do better:

She liked what you were doing. That means: Just keep going this way! You could increase the pressure a little bit, but don’t completely change your technique or rhythm now.

Mood killer #4: Touching her with unkempt fingernails

Many ladies love to be fingered during cunnilingus. However, if Edward scratches around this sensitive region with his scissor hands, this will turn her off very fast.

How to do better:

For heaven’s sake, cut, file and clean your nails and wash your hands! Clean and well-groomed hands not only give a positive impression in general, they also prevent giving her nasty infections.

Mood killer #5: You go on forever

It’s true: Women often need a bit longer to get going. However, some men interpret this in such a way that they suck away at it forever and can only be brought back to reality by some discreet snoring noises.

How to do better:

A woman will usually not only need some more time, but also stimulating and exciting variations during foreplay. You should never focus exclusively on her vulva – especially as this can become very exhausting for you after a while.

There are countless pleasure spots on the female body that you shouldn’t neglect before, during and after cunnilingus. For example, gently nibble on her neck and murmur dirty words into her ear. Caress her nipples and inner thighs and don't forget to kiss! The best time to dedicate yourself to her vagina is when your sweetheart is already really horny. Then you'll get a guaranteed A for oral practice!

If you're still unsure, check out our tutorial on Pussy Worship:

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