Sex Tips

    • Shattering Sex Toy Taboos & Exploring BDSM'

      Shattering Sex Toy Taboos & Exploring BDSM

      There is a lot of misinformation around the topic of sex toys, and Venus Libido is here to debunk it! Explore the world of sex toys and BDSM with her in this article, all while finding out about her favourite BDSM toys.

    • Finding your unicorn'

      Finding your unicorn

      What is a unicorn? And how do you find one? Dive into the world of unicorns with Venus Libido and learn from a unicorn's own experience.

    • Talk Dirty To Me!'

      Talk Dirty To Me!

      "Fuck me, you dirty slut!" Are you hot yet? We'll show you how to really heat up your partner verbally!

    • Exhibitionism & how to explore it safely'

      Exhibitionism & how to explore it safely

      Summer is the perfect time for exhibitionists to live out their fantasies without getting cold feet - literally! But not everyone is consenting to seeing you do that. Venus Libido has some tips on how to explore exhibitionism safely and consensually!

    • Vaginal Massages'

      Vaginal Massages

      All vulvas are different - but all vulvas deserve a nice and sensual massage every now and then. Here's how Divine Theratrix does it!

    • Prostate Massage'

      Prostate Massage

      Curious about prostate massages? In this video tutorial, Divine Theratrix shows you how. Go ahead and push the button!

    • The perfect handjob'

      The perfect handjob

      Handjobs can be tough, huh? But after watching this tutorial, it shouldn't feel like a job anymore! Benefit from Divine Theratrix' expert knowledge and pick up a few tricks to make your partner (or even yourself) extra happy.

    • A Guide to finding your perfect Sex Party'

      A Guide to finding your perfect Sex Party

      Intrigued to explore the world of sex parties? If you're unsure what could expect you there or what to consider in your search, here's a guide to finding the perfect sex party for you. You're welcome!

    • Water Kinks'

      Water Kinks

      Getting wet in one or another way is kind of essential for sex. With water kinks, however, one wetness significantly impacts the other. Explore the world of water kinks with us!

    • Sex positions for mature lovers'

      Sex positions for mature lovers

      You're never too old to have a fulfilled sex life! In this article, Paulina Tenner shows you a bunch of sex positions that are ideal if you tend to experience physical discomfort.

    • What is sex positivity?'

      What is sex positivity?

      Everything suddenly has to be sex positive. But what exactly does sex positive mean and why is the term important?

    • Double penetration'

      Double penetration

      Double penetration is a sex practice in which the woman is stimulated by two penisses at the same time. Wanna know more?

    • Pansexuality'


      Pansexual people do not see any importance in the gender identity of their partner. Read what JOYclub members have to say about their pansexuality.