Sex tips

    • Deepthroating'


      Deepthroat is considered the royal class of blowjobs. If it weren't for the gag reflex

    • Tantra'


      Tantra unites body and mind, promises new sexual energy and ecstatic orgasms. Read more about tantra and tantra massage here.

    • Pansexuality'


      Pansexual people do not see any importance in the gender identity of their partner. Read what JOYclub members have to say about their pansexuality.

    • The perfect hand job'

      The perfect hand job

      The perfect hand job - tips and the best technique for the sensual penis massage.

    • Cunnilingus'


      This is how cunnilingus becomes a sensual pleasure. Learn how you can spoil her orally by all the rules of art!

    • Golden shower'

      Golden shower

      "I love the smell and the taste when I lick the piss off my partner's skin." These members are into golden shower and tell us about their fetish.

    • Q is for Queening'

      Q is for Queening

      Read on to find out what Queening is and how it can be an activity to fit the many moods of a Queen.