A to Z


On the pages of our A to Z you can discover your desire, find out what you didn't know, find what you weren't looking for and find inspiration for a fulfilling sex life and more fun.

    • A is for Anal Play'

      A is for Anal Play

      Anal means something different to everyone — whatever way you want to play, there’s a bunch of pleasure available to unlock.

    • B is for BDSM'

      B is for BDSM

      If you’re looking to explore BDSM for the first time, check out this article by Sarah from Sub in the City to understand what BDSM is really all about, and get her top tips to get started.

    • C is for Conscious Kink'

      C is for Conscious Kink

      Conscious kink is a practice where you can transform your pain, guilt, shame into pleasure. Practised well it can give you more freedom in your body and life.

    • C is for Consent'

      C is for Consent

      What should I know about maintaining clear boundaries for me and ensuring my scene interactions respect others' boundaries?

    • D is for Domination/Submission'

      D is for Domination/Submission

      Allocating roles by reference to power dynamics can be exciting, and even identity affirming. Divine Theratrix suggests being mindful of who is doing an action, and who it is for. Read on to find out why.

    • E is for Expansive Relationships'

      E is for Expansive Relationships

      Expansive Relationships offer space for all involved to grow, change and individuate. They allow and facilitate change and are not frozen in time by fear or anxiety. When we address our fears, we can step into an abundance mindset.

    • F is for Fetish'

      F is for Fetish

      The mind is fantastically creative when it comes to human sexuality and fetishism is how this creativity is sometimes expressed.

    • H is for Humiliation'

      H is for Humiliation

      If you’ve ever enjoyed playing with feelings of shame and embarrassment during sex or kinky activities, then congrats, you might have a humiliation kink! 5 ways you can introduce humiliation into your kinky play.

    • I is for Impact Play'

      I is for Impact Play

      Have a spanking good time with these top tips for getting started with impact play!

    • J is for Jealousy'

      J is for Jealousy

      Is jealousy an integral part of human nature, or a socialised response that we can ultimately control? How can we manage feelings of jealousy as we explore this wonderful sex positive world?

    • K is for Kink'

      K is for Kink

      Sex Educator Poppy Scarlett and Shibari Professional Conor Aphilia, discuss what kink means to them.

    • L is for Latex'

      L is for Latex

      The alluring quality of latex and why those who love it can’t get enough of it. Latex kink explained by a latex kinkster.

    • N is for Nipple Play'

      N is for Nipple Play

      As one of the sexiest and most sensitive parts of our bodies, our nipples shouldn’t be overlooked! Check out these top tips for incorporating nipple play into your sexy time.