Better orgasms through Kegel exercises

Bye bye, weak pelvic muscles!

You want a stronger libido and more intense orgasms? This can be achieved through training of your pelvic floor muscles (also named "Kegel exercises" after their inventor Dr. Arnold Kegel). These are easy exercises that can be conveniently integrated into your daily routine. The workout can be varied with geisha balls, pelvic training devices and gymnastics to make it more effective.


Is there such a thing as an "orgasm muscle"?

The PC muscle ("musculus pubococcygeus" in medical terminology) is located between the pubic bone and the coccyx and surrounds the sexual organs in the area of the pelvic floor. Here is how to find it:

Insert a moistened finger about 2 centimetres deep into your vagina and try to "grasp" it as tightly as possible with your vaginal muscles. What you may feel now – depending on your fitness level – is your PC muscle. If you train it correctly, it can indeed become an "orgasm muscle".

Alternatively, you can try stopping the flow of urine while peeing. The muscles you’re using to do this are the ones in need of training. Please note that this urine test serves the purpose of finding the PC muscle only, it is not an exercise in itself! However, the Kegel exercises we describe below are similar to blocking and releasing the flow of urine.


Bye bye, weak pelvic muscles: How to achieve better orgasms through PC muscle training

Women often suffer from weak PC muscles. Regular Kegel exercises can not only prevent urinary incontinence - that's many health providers fund yoga or pilates lessons - they are also important for a fulfilled and intense sex life for both you and your partner.

If you train your PC muscle regularly, you will feel the first benefits for your well-being and your sex life within a few weeks. Targeted training provides among other things for:

  • an intense sex life,
  • stronger orgasms and an increase in libido,
  • a wonderful feeling of tightness for you and your partner.

4 training options for the pelvic floor

1. Geisha balls: Small training devices with a strong effect

Geisha balls can support the training against pelvic floor weakness. The balls are available in different materials, weights, sizes and shapes and as double or single balls. A ribbon or chain is often attached to them, so that the ball can be gently pulled out again after training.

Better orgasms through Kegel exercises

☆ Which type of geisha ball is suitable for pelvic floor training?

There is a large variety of geisha balls. The intended purpose should guide your choice, as all geisha balls are not suitable for pelvic floor training. The best way to find out whether and to what extent the balls are suitable for pelvic floor training is to visit the websites or contact the customer service of the geisha ball manufacturer. Many manufacturers provide free training programs for their geisha balls on their websites.

☆ Active training with geisha balls: Kegels with the ball

The basis for active training with a vaginal ball are Kegel exercises – a classic and highly effective type of exercise for strengthening the PC muscle which owes its name to its inventor. It is simple and unobtrusive, so you can do it anytime and anywhere: at the supermarket, inside your car or at work.

How to do Kegels:
Flex the PC muscle firmly, hold the tension for a few seconds, then relax. If possible, do not include your buttocks or abdominal muscles. And don't forget to breathe deeply! Regular, deep breathing ensures flowing movements and an even rhythm during the Kegel exercise. Only ten minutes of "Kegels" a day is enough to work wonders. With geisha balls or vaginal balls, the training becomes even more effective.

☆ Passive training with geisha balls: Simply wear them in your daily life

Geisha balls can also strengthen your muscles if you simply wear them while standing up. You can insert them during your daily routines and train the pelvic floor on the go. The weight of the ball makes it slide down after a while. The PC muscle tenses up to fight gravity and pull the ball back deeper into the vagina. The aim is to not let the ball slip out.


2. Pelvic floor trainers: A medical alternative to geisha balls

Pelvic floor trainers of various shapes, sizes and mechanisms are on offer as a medical alternative to geisha balls. They can be purchased at drugstores and pharmacies amongst others.

One type of these training aids are so-called vaginal cones. These are small, egg-shaped weights whose principle of action is similar to that of geisha balls: The cone is inserted into the vagina, sinks further and further down due to its own weight and must be pressed back to the correct position by tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

Unlike geisha balls, which after some training can be worn in the vagina for several hours, vaginal cones require only 10 to 15 minutes of training twice a day. In addition, vaginal cones have the advantage that many manufacturers offer them as a set with different weights and detailed training instructions.

This provides you with a choice of weights so you can find the appropriate one for the current fitness level of your pelvic floor. Once your muscles have developed further, you can continue training with a heavier weight.


3. Pelvic floor gymnastics: Simple and always accessible

You can also use yoga, pilates, swimming or light walking to strengthen your pelvic floor. Yoga has the additional advantage that you become marvellously flexible and learn to be one with yourself and your body through certain breathing and meditation techniques. Here are some training suggestions:

Exercise 1: The Butterfly

Better orgasms through Kegel exercises

Sit upright on the floor, join the soles of your feet, grasp them with both hands and pull them towards your body as close as you can. Now gently bounce your knees up and down about twenty times – as if a butterfly were about to flap its wings.

This exercise serves to make your hip area more flexible. The more flexible your hips, the deeper your partner can penetrate. Additionally, many sex positions become easier to achieve thanks to flexible hips.

Exercise 2: The Sitting Straddle

Sit on the floor and spread your legs, until you feel a pull in your thighs. Bend your torso as far forward as possible towards the floor. Very important: Your spine must always stay straight! All types of forward bend ensure good blood circulation and stimulate your internal organs, including your sexual organs.

Exercise 3: Abdomen-Leg-Back-Workout

Better orgasms through Kegel exercises

This exercise can be tricky because you need to flex many muscles at the same time. Nevertheless, it is worth trying. Level 1: Lie on your back and place your feet on the ground in shoulder width. Raise your buttocks until your thighs and upper body are in line.

Level 2: Lift one foot a few centimetres off the ground. Hold for ten seconds, then change to the other foot. Repeat this exercise five times per foot.

If you have difficulty perceiving the pelvic floor muscles, training with special devices like geisha balls or vaginal cones may help. If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor quickly and effectively, choose a combination of targeted pelvic floor exercises and training devices.


4. Sex: Probably the nicest way to exercise your pelvic floor

Sex is probably the nicest way to exercise your pelvic floor. If you can already consciously flex and relax your pelvic floor muscles, then give your partner's penis a sensual "massage from within". Consciously feel him inside you, tighten your PC muscle again and again and use it to stimulate his penis. After this experience, he will certainly be gladly available as a training object any time you like!

PC muscle training: ideally every day!

Ideally, you should do the pelvic floor training every day to effectively strengthen your PC muscle. In this case, the first small successes can be achieved after only two to three weeks – you will notice that you can hold a heavier weight. The first major training results are reached after about six to eight weeks.

No matter whether you do your exercises with or without any training equipment: You should invest at least ten to fifteen minutes per day, ideally in the morning and evening. But be careful: Don't overdo it in the beginning or you risk sore muscles. Slowly increase training intervals and intensity over time after you’ve gained some practice.

Training the orgasm muscle is also worthwhile for men!

What is good for ladies applies to men as well: They can actively improve their sex life with disciplined pelvic floor exercises. The results: greater pleasure, stronger erections, more stamina and self-control – and a delighted partner.

With continuous training, you may even be able to prevent ejaculation through flexing the PC muscle tightly right after the onset of orgasm (technical term: "injaculation"). This self-controlled "dry orgasm" is usually perceived as stronger and more intense and represents a very special experience. Through this sexual technique, you could also enjoy multiple orgasms.

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