Sex positions & their variants

The most exciting sex positions for intense pleasure for two

Sex can be enjoyed in many varied positions. Therefore, the most beautiful pastime in the world never becomes monotonous. For many people, several positions during the act are even a must. We'll show you the most exciting sex positions and explain how they work and what is important when changing positions.

Fancy some new sex positions?

Exciting and diverse: sex can be full of variety. Do you have a favorite position that you practice regularly? According to the motto "never change a winning team", many people, especially within a partnership, prefer to stick to an intimate selection of sex positions.

But it's worth taking a look outside the box! New positions can lead to previously undiscovered types of pleasure. In addition, you can change the focus of your sex life: Because different sex positions are also different in intensity for him and her. By changing positions , you can determine whether you want eye contact and deep penetration or whether you want to have your hands free for a massage of the clitoris or glans.

The Missionary Position and its variations

The Missionary Position is a classic when it comes to sex: almost everyone has tried it at least once. And, not for nothing, it is one of the most popular positions! Many couples and single people especially enjoy the emotional closeness through eye contact and the less complicated posture.

But we won't merely show you how to give each other intense pleasure with the missionary position - we also have some exciting variations of the classic ready for you!

The Missionary Position

Sex positions & their variants

The Missionary Position can be called the basic position for sexual intercourse. Especially the possibility of eye contact as well as the physical closeness is appealing to many. The posture is usually natural and relaxed, so that both partners can devote themselves completely to the event. One of you lies relaxed on the back and the other one on top.


Missionary position: Click here for the article!

The CAT Position is a variation of the missionary position. CAT stands for "Coital Alignment Technique". Both partners position themselves on top of each other like in the missionary position. As soon as the penis or strap-on is inside the vagina or anus, the person on the bottom presses their thighs together. The partner slides up so that the clitoris or prostate is intensely stimulated. A pillow under the buttocks can give support!
Sporty people get their money's worth with The Spring Squat. Traditionally, the woman lies on her back. She supports her back with her hands and stretches her body upwards with her legs drawn. The man stands or kneels in front of her and grips her pelvis to stabilize his partner and to lift her up slightly. Now the partner penetrates the vagina, controlling the depth, speed and force of the thrusts. In addition, one of you can massage the clitoris with their fingers.
Same-sex couples can also enjoy this position with a strap-on or through anal penetration
The Phoenix Position is especially exciting if you want to leave your comfort zone and work more with your own body weight. One of you lies on their back and pulls up their thighs as far as possible. The legs are either extended upward or bent slightly.

The active part kneels with the upper body upright in front of the lying person and presses their pelvis against their partner's buttocks. The active part leans on the knees of the lying person and sticks his head between their partner's thighs. Now they can penetrate either vaginally or anally. In this position, the pelvis is wide open and the penis or strap-on can penetrate deeply.
There are two variations of The Wheelbarrow: In the hip-lifting wheelbarrow, one of you lies on their back and pushes their pelvis up using their legs and arms. The other person now puts his or her hands on the hips of the elevated person and pulls them towards him or her. In the second variation, one of you rests on your forearms or hands while your partner stands behind you. Now the active part pulls the supported person close to them and holds their ankles. The legs of the "wheelbarrow" are bent and pulled toward the chest. Due to the favorable alignment of both bodies, deep penetration is possible
The Hot Dog requires some flexibility on the part of the person lying on the bottom. The starting position of the hot dog is reminiscent of the missionary position: a person lies backwards on the bed, but does not angle their legs, but stretches them out along their upper body. The partner places him- or herself above them until the upper body touches the upper and lower legs of the person lying on their back. Due to the stretched legs a deep penetration is possible, respectively the penis or the strap-on can be taken deeply. The hot dog also works for anal sex.
In The Candle position, the person on top takes the lead. Their partner lies on his or her back with the butt raised slightly. The active part kneels in front of them and takes their stretched legs on their shoulders. Now the active part can slide closer to their partner. The person on the bottom places their buttocks on the active part's thighs. The penis or strap-on is taken flat and can thus ideally stimulate the sensitive tissue in the vagina (g-spot) or the prostate.

Positions from behind

Positions from behind are known to provide a particularly intense and deep penetration. Many of the positions are suitable for both vaginal and anal stimulation.

In order for anal sex to be a sensual pleasure for both partners, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • We recommend - no matter how experienced you are - to prepare the anus with your fingers, tongue and/or an anal plug step by step.
  • Use lubricant or saliva, since the anus does not moisten itself like the vulva. Frugality is out of place here! And keep in mind: saliva lubricates nowhere near as well and persistently as an appropriate lubricating gel.
  • Hygiene is very important during anal sex: Never insert a finger, dildo or penis that has been in the anus into the vagina without cleaning it thoroughly. Intestinal bacteria can cause serious infections. The same applies to oral sex following anal fun!

If you follow these tips, nothing will stand in the way of relaxed anal sex! We'll show you pleasurable love positions from the Kamasutra and explain what is important when having sex from behind.

Doggy Style

Sex positions & their variants

Another classic among sex positions: Doggy Style! Also called a tergo (from behind) or doggy position. The active partner can penetrate very deep and has their hands free to massage breasts, clitoris or testicles. This position is also ideal for anal sex.

The Elephant Position

The Elephant Position is a position from the Kamasutra. Advantage: It does not require intensive stretching exercises beforehand! One of you lies comfortably on their belly and stretches out their legs, while the partner penetrates from above and behind. The strong friction lets you both experience intense stimulation.


The legs of the person lying below are stretched out and their buttocks pushes towards their partner. The partner now also lies down with their belly down and cuddles up to the back of the other person. Now the penis or strap-on can penetrate deeply and massage the sensitive tissue in the vagina (g-spot) or anus in a particularly pleasurable way. The elephant position is also popular with same-sex couples.

In The Spoon Position, both partners lie on their side and the person lying behind penetrates the partner from there. Penetration of the vagina is possible as well as the anus.
The spoon position is a very comfortable position. You do not have to bend or make great efforts for the act. Therefore, this position is also suitable for sex during pregnancy. After sex you can stay in this position to cuddle or fall asleep.
The name turtle may not sound very erotic, but it is one of the most popular sex positions. In this position, the person on the bottom is quite literally "flattened": They lie flat on their stomach, as their partner lies flat on top of them - also on their stomach - while penetrating the vulva or anus. It's up to you to decide whether you want to follow the speed of a turtle!
The Y-Curve is similar to the doggy style. But here, the person in front doesn't lean on the bed, but lets their upper body hang down from the edge of the bed. Their legs on the bed and their butt right on the edge. The head can be rested on a pillow or in the person's hands.
As in the elephant position, the person behind penetrates deeply from there. Anal stimulation can be ideally integrated into this position, making the Y-curve also highly popular with same-sex couples.
Especially anal lovers get their money's worth with this position! Similar to the doggy style, the passive part gets on all fours. The active person sits down directly behind them, doesn't get down on their knees, but merely squats a bit. Then they can penetrate anally from behind.
Upright Sex can be practiced from the front or the back, depending on your preferences. The person in the back ideally bends their knees a little to be able to penetrate anally or vaginally. In doing so, they can hold on to the buttocks, hips or breasts of the person in front.
The person in front can additionally stabilize themselves by dolding onto the bed frame, a wall or a chair. In order for the active part to be able to penetrate well, the passive person bends forward and pushes their butt out. Especially couples with a significant hight difference sometimes reach their physical limits with this position. We recommend using a chair or another type of elevation to compensate for this.

The Cowgirl Position and its variations

Take a seat, please! In The Cowgirl Position, the active person can really go wild and take charge. Through a multitude of variations, the depth and intensity of penetration can be controlled by the person sitting on top. Likewise, they can determine whether clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation should take place. We'll explain how this sex position works and which variations are the most exciting.

The Cowgirl Position

Sex positions & their variants

Most people find the cowgirl position relaxing for the man and pleasurable for the woman, or respectively, as relaxing for the lower and pleasurable for the upper person. Here, one of you lies on their back while the other kneels or squats on top with their legs spread.

In the heterosexual version, the woman thus has significant control over the act. She determines the rhythm and depth of penetration. Moreover, she can stimulate the outer parts of her clitoris herself in this position. On the other hand, most men like to enjoy sex a little more passively at times and give themselves completely to the woman.
This position works just like the cowgirl position, except that the person on top turns their body away from the lying person. The lower person therefore gets an erotic view of the back of their partner. In addition, the passive part has their hands free and can, for example, spank the cowgirl's butt, scratch or caress their back. The person on top controls the depth of penetration and performs the movements.
The Cat and Mouse Position is suitable for couples who want to lie comfortably during sex. The person on the bottom rests their head on a pillow and stretches out their legs. The person on top rests their upper body on their partner and places their legs on the left and right side of their body. The person on top can either wrap their arms around them, or grab them by the hips and guide them. Since the person on top has limited freedom of movement here, the person on the bottom can set the pace in this position. Due to the closeness, intimate kisses and intense eye contact can be exchanged just as easily as dirty talk.
In the simpler version of the snake trap, one person lays comfortably on their back and lets their partner sit on top as in the reverse cowgirl position. Now the person sitting up leans forward just enough to touch their partner's calves with their face - or at least get close to them. A foot massage or holding onto the ankles is also possible. More advanced: The person sitting up spreads their legs to either side, thus keeping their buttocks in the air. This allows the person on the bottom to control the movement from below. The person on the bottom can simply lift their pelvis and penetrate like this. Once you get the hang of it, this position will provide plenty of variety.
The Waffle Iron lives up to its name; it is sweet and hot. Here, too, the bottom person can mostly relax and hand over the reins to their partner. The bottom person lies on their back, resting the head on a pillow and using their hands to guide their partner. The person on top has their legs between their partner's. They lie chest to chest, with the legs stretched back.

Once the penis or strap-on has entered the vagina, the person on top presses their thighs together. The bottom person can now grab the other person's hip or butt and pull the pelvis down to penetrate deeper. Depending on comfort, the top person can lean on their elbows or rest their weight completely on their partner. Here, too, intimate kisses and lustful glances can be exchanged.
In The Cleopatra Position, the person on top takes the lead, allowing the other one to relax. The passive part lies on their back and uses their hands to stabilize the upper person. Their legs are opened about one shoulder width so that their partner's legs fit between them. They lie stomach on stomach on top of the other person, stretching their legs back.
Once the bottom person has entered, the top person squeezes their thighs together and tenses their pelvic floor muscles. The top person supports their upper body with arms extended, as in the cobra yoga position. This allows the top person to regulate the depth and angle of penetration. The person on the bottom has their hands free to massage and caress their partner.
In The Love Swing, one person lies on their back and puts their legs up. The person on top sits on top, facing their back to their partner and wrapping both arms around their legs. With their hips, the upper person now swings back and forth - as on an actual swing. If the woman is on top in this position, the sensitive tissue in her vagina (g-spot) is intensively stimulated, she keeps the reins in her hand and sets the pace by circling her pelvis.
One variation of the love swing: both of you sit on the bed, support yourselves with your arms and lean back. Now you can both perform the pleasurable swinging motion and watch each other during sex. Sounds too complicated for you? There are also love swings for your home that make swinging easier.

Kamasutra positions

The Kamasutra is the millennial-old guide to the art of love-making. With its dynamic positions, the book continues to fascinate couples all over the world until today. We have collected the most popular positions from the Kamasutra for you.

The Lotus Position

Sex positions & their variants

As the name suggests, one person sits in lotus or cross-legged position on the bed or the floor. The other person sits on their lap, wrapping their legs around the upper body and letting the person on the bottom take the lead. Due to the crossed legs, this position allows for especially pleasurable swinging motionsand deep penetration. Due to the emotional closeness, both can look deeply into each other's eyes or kiss extensively.

In The Scissor Position, tender moments are predestined: One person lies on their back and has one leg bent. The other lies on their side and penetrates them at a slight angle. The active part can support the leg of the passive part or change the angle to penetrate deeper. Both partners have their hands free, so that mutual pleasuring is the order of the day.
The woman can either play with her own breasts or stimulate her partner's nipples. The free hand can also be used to stroke the clitoris or insert additional fingers into the vagina or anus. Especially among lesbian couples, scissoring is very popular, because here the vulvas can be rubbed intensively against each other.
The Sideways Samba is a particularly pleasurable position for women! The woman can lie on her back and enjoy. She forms an "L" with her body and stretches her legs to the side, turning her bum towards her partner. The partner kneels next to her and supports themselves with their arms. They then penetrate the person lying down from the side. During vaginal penetration, the sensitive tissue near the inner abdominal wall (g-spot) is particularly stimulated. This position is also especially popular with pregnant women, who can comfortably rest their belly on their side or on a pillow. The position is also suitable for anal sex!
In the heterosexual variant of The Indian Cross-Legged Position, the woman sits astride the man and determines how deep he may penetrate her. He positions himself cross-legged on the bed or floor and pulls his partner on top of him. She sits on his penis and can hold on to his shoulders.
Since this position allows the woman to regulate the depth of penetration, it is great for men with large penises or those who are sexually inexperienced. Same-sex couples can also have fun in this way.
With The Clamp Hold, it gets a bit more adventurous, since the partners can't look each other in the eye. This position is not necessarily something casual for in between. Both partners lie on their sides with their heads on opposite ends of the bed, facing towards each other.
In the heterosexual version, the woman has her legs spread and pushes her lower leg underneath her partner's pelvis. She wraps her arms tightly around her partner's knees so that her breasts and his thighs touch. This position is ideal to combine with anal tenderness.
Also rather unusual and therefore definitely worth a try is The Rainbow Position. Here, both partners lie on their sides upside down (as with the clamp grip). The woman pushes her leg under her partner's pelvis and bends her body forward at a 45 degree angle.
This allows deep penetration of the vagina. The woman can now support herself on her partner's ankles and stretch her buttocks towards them. Whether you approach the rainbow position with gentle or hard thrusts, you decide!
This position is for true professionals, because the penis or strap-on is in a position that hardly no other position achieves. As with the 69, both partners are facing away from each other. One partner lies on their back and can enjoy the view of the other's butt. The other one lies on their partner's stomach with their legs slightly straddled and presses the penis or strap-on down.
The position creates a natural friction of the clitoris. By the way, professionals can switch from this position to the missionary position and vice versa.
It gets similarly acrobatic with this position. Here, too, both partners face opposite directions and adopt the rotated position as their starting point.
However, one of you is not lying on your stomach, but on your back. The lying person's calves rest on their partner's shoulders. The lying person makes themselves comfortable between the open legs of the other person. The active part can then rest their legs on the floor and control the intensity of the movement.
In this position, one of you may show how flexible they are. The passive part sits either on the bed or a chair. They let the other one sit on top as in the riding position and has their hands free to touch the breasts, glans or clitoris. The active person now leans up on their knees, holding their own weight. Furthermore, they now leans the upper body back in a bridge-like position and rest their head on their partner's calves.
This position also requires physical skill. Ideally, both partners should be on the floor at the beginning of the position (with a soft surface). Now one of you, in the heterosexual variant the man, lies down on their back, pulls their thighs to their body and bends their knees 45 degrees.
The person on top turns their back to him, gets between his shins and now sits on his member or strap-on from above. They don't put their weight down, but keep themselves in the air. Muscle strength and sense of balance are both equally responsible for the success of the position. For stabilization, the active part can rest slightly on the knees of the person below or press their back against the inside of the other one's thighs.

Positions for oral sex

Many couples love the erotic tongue play. Oral sex brings pleasurable moments, whether as foreplay or as the main event. Many couples satisfy each other alternately or consecutively with the mouth. We'll show you here how you can enjoy both at the same time with the most famous combination of numbers among the sex positions.

The 69

Sex positions & their variants

While there is only one active and one passive part each with fellatio or cunnilingus, both become active with the oral sex variant 69. As the oppositely twisted numbers already symbolically illustrate, the partners lie upside down on top or next to each other, which enables simultaneous mutual intimate stimulation.

In this position you can change the posture at will. Who wants to be on top, who on the bottom? You decide! Often the most relaxing variant for both is lying on the side.

Oral sex: Click here for the article!

Positions without penetration

Sex is not always penetration! There are also many exciting ways to stimulate your partner without penetration. We'll show you here what they are!

Learn more about sex positions!

With our most exciting sex positions you can get an overview of the most tender and intense positions. Spoil each other, enjoy yourselves and give each other a pleasurable time through lots of variety. If you still haven't had enough of the topic of sex positions or you've just become really curious, exchange ideas with like-minded people in the community!


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