Anal sex

This makes anal sex a hot pleasure!

Did you know that many people find anal sex more stimulating than "normal" lovemaking? For some it is the "wicked", the supposedly "forbidden", others describe the orgasm as more intense or appreciate the tightness during sex. Nevertheless, there are countless couples who would like to try this practice, but shy away for fear of pain and dirt. We will show you how you can have relaxed and pleasurable anal sex.

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What makes anal play so exciting?

The term "anal play" includes all sex practices that focus on stimulation of the anal region. This includes not only pure anal sex and anal penetration, but also the simple stroking or licking ("rimming") of the sensitive rosette, enemas and the use of sex toys such as butt plugs and anal dildos.

Women and men can enjoy anal orgasms and rediscover their pleasure. The clitoral nerves run through the outer tissues of the vagina and end near the anus. Since the anus is narrower than the vulva and it closes around the penis during anal intercourse, the movements cause a strong stimulation that can lead to orgasm.

When a man is anally penetrated with a sex toy, fingers or a penis, a massage of the prostate occurs, which can also cause strong orgasmic sensations.

More about anal sex

The best tips and tricks for your first time having anal sex

Anal sex is possible in almost the same positions and postures as traditional sex where the penis penetrates the vagina. You often read that for some couples it can take some time until both partners get involved in pure anal intercourse. Patience and consideration are essential during anal penetration. We've put together four tips to help women and men enjoy anal sex to the fullest.

♥ Isn't that dirty? Talk about your concerns!

A clarifying conversation between both partners can already take away a lot of the tension prior to the first anal sex! Desire and open communication make a good team! Talk about possibly uncomfortable feelings and fears. Oftentimes, the biggest fear is that you might not be clean in the back. Without question: Hygiene plays an important role in anal sex. The intestine is cleaner (in terms of the number of bacteria) shortly after going to the toilet than some mouths. Thorough washing of this region is usually quite sufficient. A balanced diet can also help you feel "safer" during anal sex with regard to bowel activity.

♥ Don't go overboard with hygiene measures

Colonic irrigation is not necessary before having anal sex. In many cases, it is even discouraged. They are (if performed too frequently) anything but healthy. In addition, when the bowel is flushed, parts of the solid excretion that are further up and out of reach of the penetrating penis are loosened. These become soft and slide toward the exit. Thus, with a colonic irrigation at worst the opposite of the intended cleanliness is achieved.

♥ Create a pleasant atmosphere and slowly feel your way in

The atmosphere makes the difference! A relaxed atmosphere with music, candles and dimmed lights can help many women and men to relax in preparation for the anal sex adventure. Of course, there are also couples who feel excited by just the opposite: spontaneity. You decide for yourself what feels good for you!

♥ Ensure sufficient relaxation

The ring muscle must be sufficiently relaxed before anything is allowed to enter. Even a single finger can cause unpleasant sensations if the sphincter muscle is too tense. For this reason, the active partner must show patience and must not proceed recklessly - especially in the beginning, when the anus has very little penile experience.

The passive partner can consciously loosen or relax the anus and thus favor penetration. This works best if the receiving partner pretends that the bowel is to be emptied. Of course, the rectum should be empty. Anal plugs or dildos can also be used during foreplay to stretch the anus!

♡ A good lubricant is half the battle!

Altough the anus produces a natural lubricant during the act, it is not in such quantities as the vulva. That's why you should use water-based lubricants that moisturize the anus during stretching. Without additional lubricant, anal intercourse may cause pain for both partners.


♡ Important: Use a condom!
During anal sex, the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases is high. Therefore, especially when changing sex partners, be sure to use a condom!

♥ Be careful and gentle during anal sex

Once you feel you are sufficiently stretched, the real fun can begin! The penetration of the anus with the penis should be done carefully. You should also avoid strong thrusts (at the beginning): Give the passive part time to get used to the unfamiliar feeling of being filled. The anus is not like the vagina and reacts much more sensitively to a harder treatment.

Nevertheless, some women enjoy being satisfied with stronger thrusts after a short period of getting used to it. Also, steady and deep breathing encourages the excitement of anal sex and loosens cramps!

Wearing a condom minimizes the risk of diseases significantly.
Wearing a condom minimizes the risk of diseases significantly.

By the way: Laughing is healthy! As with vaginal intercourse, the man also pumps air into the woman during anal sex. This air must give way at some point: A completely natural process, which is also associated with a corresponding soundscape. As a couple, you should be able to laugh together about such incidents and not let them spoil the fun!

♥ Do not switch between anal and vaginal

Even though it can be seen again and again in porn: the penis must not enter the vagina after anal sex until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Through the anus the feces is excreted and in it there are numerous bacteria that can cause significant health problems in other parts of the body (e.g. in the mucous membranes of the vagina).

The risk of infection is particularly high during anal sex. This does not mean the AIDS issue alone - other germs can also cause life-threatening diseases if the mucous membrane of the intestine is injured. For this reason - and also for reasons of hygiene - it makes sense to use a condom.

Anal sex: In these positions it works best!

  • Spoon position: To make anal sex as pleasant and relaxed as possible, the passive part should assume a comfortable position in which the legs do not have to be heavily loaded. A lying position on the stomach, on the back or sideways in the spoon position is perfect for this!
  • Riding position: If the woman has developed a feeling for the practice, the riding position for anal intercourse is also possible. Here she has the opportunity to take control of the intensity of the thrusts herself. However: If the woman gets into a sitting position, it is harder to penetrate her anally, because her ring muscle contracts more.
  • Doggy style: For the more anally experienced, the doggy style is very appealing. Here, the active part can penetrate particularly deep and occasionally get down to business in a more brutal way.
  • Love swings and slings: Anal sex can be practiced particularly well on sex furniture. Due to the comfortable posture and the elevated lying position in love swings and co., the passive part can completely relax and engage with the partner.

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