Missionary position - tips and tricks

An all-time classic reinvented

The missionary position is probably the most common of all sex positions. Especially the possibility of eye contact as well as the closeness and intimacy make it appealing for many people. So why change the position? We'll tell you some tips and tricks that will make the tried and true missionary position even more pleasurable.

How does the missionary position work?

The missionary position can be called the basic position for sexual intercourse. In the heterosexual variant, the woman normally lies on her back and the man lies on her stomach. The sex position can be practiced in the same way by two women, men or non-binary people. The posture is usually natural and relaxed for both, so that both partners can devote themselves completely to the event.

Especially beginners often experience their first time in the missionary position, as it is very easy to perform. Many couples enjoy the intimacy of being able to see their partner's face or looking each other in the eyes during sex. The possibility of intimate kissing is also a plus.

Since the missionary position is very accommodating to the human anatomy, the penis (or strap-on) can slide very deep inside. At the same time, the person on the bottom can massage their clitoris or glans with their own hands, or let their partner touch them. A promising affair to experience intense orgasms on both sides.

The practical position for every occasion

The beauty of the missionary position? It's super simple! It can be practiced in bed, on the floor, on the sofa or in the back seat of a car. With a pillow under the lower back, the person on the bottom can raise their pelvis, allowing the partner to penetrate deeper. Depending on the position of the legs, the person on the bottom controls the intensity of the penetration.

Missionary position - the perfect sex position for everyday life!

But even the most beautiful everyday life can become even more exciting through variety. Therefore, we will show you how to revive the proven missionary position with a few tricks and make it even more exciting!

Include sex toys!

Try stimulating your own nipples or those of your partner during sex in the missionary position with nipple clamps.

A flat vibrator, that is inserted vaginally into the lying partner, increases the fun of the missionary position for both of you as well! Likewise, a vibrator or vibro-egg can be inserted anally. In addition, there are vibrators for women and men that only lie outside of the genital and thus stimulate the clitoris, glans, testicles or shaft.

The vibration will not only stimulate the vulva, penis or anus of the person lying down, but also give more intense moments to the part lying on top. Try different settings and find the one that suits your rhythm and pleasure.

If vibration is not for you, you could also use anal plugs. And don't forget the most obvious sex toy of all: your hands! Massage and caress yourselves and each other. Anywhere that feels good!

Vary your posture

Depending on the position of the pelvis or legs, the missionary position can be modified. This offers a wide range of variations. All of them have missionary as the starting position, but vary significantly in terms of depth and intensity of penetration.

The bottom part, for example, can try pulling their knees as tightly as possible to their own shoulders. This makes the pelvic floor muscles tighten, and at the same time allows deeper penetration for the upper part, creating more intensity for both sides.

The top part can vary the missionary position through their posture just as well. Instead of lying down, they can pull up their legs and rest on their knees. Like this, stronger and deeper thrusting movements are possible.

It can also become real intimate when the lying partner wraps their legs tightly around the other person. Once again, not only is deep penetration possible, but the closeness and support make the position particularly pleasurable.

If the lying partner is flexible enough, they should definitely try putting their legs on their partner's shoulders. Alongside of deep penetration, the clitoris or glans can be massaged extensively.

Sexy anatomy exercise? Small variations make it all the more fun!
Sexy anatomy exercise? Small variations make it all the more fun!

Have you ever turned 90 degrees to the side during the missionary position? This way, the partner who is actually lying on top no longer has to support themselves, but can lie comfortably on the side.

The kamasutra position "Dit-Moi-Tout" offers a similar position. Here, only one of you lies on your side. Find a position together where the penis or strap-on penetrates from the perfect angle. With your hands on their bum, you can steer your partner and show them what feels good to you.

Other ideas include keeping your outstretched legs closed or circling your pelvis. When circling, you can find your own rhythm - opposite or synchronous. In this variant, the friction becomes very intense and pleasurable. The classic thrusting movement gets a twist, so to speak!

Change of location

Fancy an adventure? Try the missionary position in an unusual place! Let your imagination run wild and use the kitchen table or the washing machine as a playground. The halfway lying part can comfortably pull their legs up, while their partner stands in front and can penetrate deep and relaxed from a comfortable height.

You can have fun with the missionary position in the bathtub, too. To do this, it's best to use silicone-based lubricant gel to stay smooth under water. It gets even more tingling in the whirlpool, just pay attention to the necessary hygiene.

Get out into nature! Pack your picnic blanket and find a secluded, romantic spot in the open air - far away from spectators. Enjoy the scent of flowers, meadows and forests as you get closer to each other. And enjoy the thrill of possibily being seen, too.

Start filming!

Filming yourself having sex is always an opportunity to get to know your own desire in a new way! You can watch your personal missionary position video together or alone afterwards and review the pleasurable moments.

You want to expand your knowledge?

Were you inspired by our tips and tricks for the missionary position and want to know more? Exchange ideas with other members. Or check out our sex education program. Coaches regularly give workshops on a variety of topics - from slow sex to erogenous zones to full satisfaction.


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